The Musical And Personal Life Of John Phillip Sousa

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John Phillip Sousa was America’s first great musical composer and most notable director of the U.S. Marine Corp Band. He composed many great American marches and military pieces and brought the Marine Band into national and international fame. The Marine Band became known as “The President’s Own” and Sousa became known as the “March King.” After military service he organized his own concert band, which toured and gained worldwide fame and popularity. In addition to being a renowned composer of the American marches, Sousa also composed many other types of music, including symphonies, operettas and operas. Sousa also became a published author and made many other contributions to society. This report focuses on the musical and personal life of John Phillip Sousa including some of his most notable successes. American composer, John Phillip Sousa was born on November 6th, 1854 in Washington, D.C. He died on March 6th, 1932 in Reading, PA at the age of 77. Sousa was born and raised on G street in Washington, DC just a few blocks for the U.S. Marine barracks where is father, Antonio served as a trombone player in the Marine Band. The third of ten children, John Phillip Sousa was born to immigrant parents. His father, John Antonio Sousa whose parents were Portuguese, was born in Spain. He mother, Maria Elisabeth Trinkhaus was born in Bavaria.…show more content…
In 1896, Sousa’s first operetta “El Capitan” was performed and became one of his most successful works. He also wrote a number of comic operas including “The Bride Elect” and “The Free Lance.” Sousa’s band continued to tour across the U.S. and Europe and eventually around the world in 1910. After the beginning of World War I, Sousa join the Navy and began leading naval bands however, in 1920 he left the Navy and returned to his band.

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