The Music of John Prine

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The Music of John Prine I would say that the mood in John Prine's music is basically depressing. The two songs that I could relate to were Sam Stone and Grandpa was a Carpenter. The first song on the Prime Prine album, which is called Sam Stone, would make people very depressed and think of some instance in their own life when something similar has happened. The music seems to remind me of people who live in poverty and need to turn to drugs to ease their failure. When you think of the lyrics in the song you think about how this happened in so many different cases. It wasn't just this one guy and his family. This song relates to many different families at the time. The reason they turn to drugs is because they cannot handle the mental and physical pain of returning from Vietnam and not being accepted by their own country. Today, I think people turn to drugs for the same reasons as back then. Maybe today the reasons aren't as good, but basically they are the same reasons. People get hooked on these drugs because they cannot deal with problems and then it ends up leading to more problems for themselves, their families, and people in their everyday lives. When the song was saying, "there's a hole in daddy's arm and that's where all the money goes", you see ( ) so many people wasting all their money on drugs and ruining their families. When I heard this song, I think of the sad things in life like when someone dies because this is what is happening to his father in the song. I also think about how horrible it must have been to come home from all this violence and not even have your own countries support. This is what I felt like when I listened to the song "Sam Stone." Another song that I thought a lot about when I heard it was "Grandpa was a Carpenter." I remember a lot about my grandpa and just like in the song Grandpa and me used to do everything together when I was little, and when he got sick, I didn't really understand what was happening because I was so little. I remember how as I got older he couldn't do much anymore.

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