The Music That Comes from Instruments

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Music would not be music if it were not for the sound produced by an object we know of as an instrument. “A musical instrument is a device created or adapted to make musical sounds (Oxford dictionary (British & World English)).” Music dates back to many years and even before electrical instruments humans alway found a way to create sound. Whether it was by clapping, singing or humming people alway created ways to create sound. Although not a proven fact, I strongly believe music is a way to connect oneself emotionally. Music will and alway be a way for individuals to express their emotions such as, sadness, excitement, happiness and anger. However, music will not be music if it weren’t for the sounds produced by the instruments. There are many instruments worldwide but the ones I find to be interesting are the saxophone, accordion and a violin.
The saxophone (also referred to as the sax) is a conical-bore transposing musical instrument ("Saxophone"). The saxophone was founded by Antoine-Joseph Sax ("The History Of The Saxophone"). Strongly influenced by his father he began to involve himself in creating instruments at a very young age. He also produced some of well known instruments we know such as the flute and the clarinet ("The History Of The Saxophone"). Antoine-Joseph Sax was so talented and knowledgable he quickly took notice of the different aspects of instruments. This helped him in the creation of the Saxophone. “Sax noticed that the brasses were overpowering the woodwinds, and the winds were overpowering the strings. He saw the need to come up with a new instrument that would create some form of balance between the three sections (brass, woodwinds and strings). The sound that he was seeking would lie between the clari...

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...ozart, Ludwig Beethoven, Franz Schubert, Johannes Brhms, Claude Debussy, etc. These were all respected composers from different time periods who used the violin to compose great unforgotten music. The melody and harmonies composed by the violin is what creates its uniqueness.
In all, the saxophone, accordion and the violin are all unique and complex instruments played by many respected musicians and composers. These instruments create sounds that I love to hear and are used as the methods of expression emotionally and mentally. The coordination skills needed to play these instruments are profound. It is a way to express oneself and relieve some stress. These sounds that are composed by these instruments have the ability to influence and motivate. Music is history and art and the instruments to create the music are a fun and exciting way to promote happiness in life.
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