The Music Autobiography Of Michael Jackson

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Music Autobiography The artist that I would to say that change the way how I see music and the attitude that I have with music is Michael Jackson, the legend of pop music. Probably no one would say that he or she is not familiar with Michael Jackson. However, the Michael Jackson he or she knew may just be the songwriting or the dancing or the fashion. In fact, Michael Jackson was way more than that, he dominated each of those artistic avenues, and so many others. Music The first time when I listened to the music of Michael Jackson was when he performed the song We Are the World" with several celebrities and pop-stars to raise money for Haiti. At that time, to me, he is just a singer, a songwriter who perform good songs. Then I started to search his albums, it was like digging out endless gold, every song opens me a new angle of music, "Thriller" "Dangerous" "Bad" …, every album is a different hit to me. Whatever it is pop music, rock music, jazz or hip-hop, Jackson's songs had a little bit everything. Dance When I saw the famous moonwalk for the first time, I was probably 10, I was extremely shock to see a man can make a move like this. How could he move through the stage like completely flawless? The black loafers and white socks seems like shining on the stage. It was Michael Jackson who brought the moon walk to the world and I would proudly say that it was one of the best performance I had ever seen. Music Videos Jackson is the one who brings the crowds to the music video. When his full-length music video "Thriller" was about to release in late 1983, people were so excited and stayed at home just to see it. It was the most expensive video ever made at the time. And the nearly 15 minutes long mini-movie was essentially a new ... ... middle of paper ... been so many lies told about him, so much slander. But he always rose above it, always took the high road. Not many people could have done that-very possibly no one. I do not want to sound like I worship him so much so that I believe he had no faults. Like he always tried to tell the world, he was a human being like everyone else on earth. But he also had a very strong sense that he was here on earth to serve a very specific purpose. And that, simply, was to make the world a better and happier place. What a great goal. If we all had that simple goal imagine how different the world would be. Michael Jackson reformed popular culture in ways that are hard to shake, just like Elvis, Bob Dylan and Beatles. He set the runway of music and influenced many musicians, songwriters and dancers who came after him in one way or another. He was a legacy and was incomparable.

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