The Muscular System: A Study Of The Muscular System

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For this Anatomy & Physiology class i decided to do a project about Muscular system. Although I think I will not be a doctor or any other employ in health care business, I decided to take this class because I am really interested in studying human body regarding all of its systems and parts. I hope I will do a good work in a precise way how it should be done. The project will be beneficial for me in determination of entire muscular system by both anatomy and physiology sides and all its diseases. Muscular system is one of the most important systems in our body because our movement, strength, posture and thermoregulation is managed by it. It is also one of the biggest systems and is situated in all body parts. It’s straightly connected to the bones of the skeletal system. Approximately, our muscles make up about 30 % - 50 % of human body weight. In total, the body has about about 700 muscles but this number can differ because some muscles include multiple parts of heads which divide the muscles further. For example we can compare it to the atoms which may be divided to protons, neutrons and electrons. These three main parts of atom can be divided further to quarks. This is just one of many examples how the complex muscle…show more content…
Bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and other connective tissue made up musculoskeletal system. Basically, it is one big system made up by two system mentioned above. Main job of the system is to provide the ability of movement, stability and support to the body which of bones work like a stability provider and muscles enable bones to move by contracting. System also involve other connective tissue which supports and binds organs and tissue together. If we perceive the system like one unit, we can say that the system describes how the bones are connected with other bones and are bound with muscles and fibers such as tendons and
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