The Murder of Jimmy Hoffa

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Chuckie was Jimmy Hoffa’s foster son…he and I were going to be part of the bait to lure Jimmy into a car with Sally Bugs…. Jimmy was supposed to feel safe with me in Chuckie’s car so he’d go to the “house with the brown shingles” and walk right in the door with me as his back up…. Chuckie was just an innocent bystander…all he knew was that he was taking us to pick up Jimmy... and then driving us all back to an important meeting with important people….(Brandt, 2005, p. 252) Chuckie arrived to the house and the Sally and Frank climbed into the car. Chuckie was driving Tony Jack’s son’s maroon Mercury, that familiar car would put both Jimmy and Chuckie at ease. Frank sat in the passenger seat and Sally Bugs behind the driver so he could keep an eye out for Frank trying to warn Jimmy (P.253). “We got there in less than fifteen minutes”, explains Frank. They spotted Jimmy’s green Pontiac in the restaurant parking lot and parked close by. By this time Jimmy had been waiting forty-five min for the men to show up for their appointment. Jimmy was still inside the restaurant and so the men waited in the car until he exited. “Chuckie slowly pulled up to Jimmy. Jimmy stopped, he was showing rage in his eyes”, explains Frank. Jimmy begins to yell at Chuckie, and then he notices Sally Bugs in the back seat. Sally Bugs explains that he is with Tony Pro and once Jimmy begins yelling at him too he motions over toward Frank, “look who’s here” (Brandt, 2005, p. 254). Sally Bugs continues, “His friend wanted to be at the thing. They’re at the house waiting” (p.254) Frank describes the situation: Seeing me there, Jimmy would instantly believe Russell Buffalino was already in Detroit sitting around a kitchen table at a house waiting. Russell want... ... middle of paper ... ...ter the release of “I heard you paint houses”: “Jimmy Hoffa was one of only two men my father cared anything about. Russell Buffalino was the other one. Killing Jimmy Hoffa tortured my father the rest of his life. There was so much guilt and suffering that my father lived with after the disappearance… My father is finally at peace now and I would like the same for Jimmy’s family... My father killed his friend a regretted it until the day he died…” (Brandt, 2005, p. 307). Works Cited 1. Shawn, Eric (2013, May) Eric Shawn investigates the hit on Hoffa: 38 years later, the mystery endures. Retrieved from 2. James Riddle Hoffa. (2014). The website. Retrieved 07:02, Apr 09, 2014, from

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