The Murder Of Helpless Human Life

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The Murder Of Helpless Human Life “The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government.” This quote from Thomas Jefferson rings so true because people take for granite the quality of life anymore. Abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. Abortion has now become so much the a part of the American way of life. I have a son and when I became pregnant my boyfriend 's parents wanted me to get an abortion because we were both to young they said. There are many people who believe abortion is the way to go; however, I disagree because after a few weeks the fetus has a heart beat, people can go to jail for being in an accident and killing the fetus while in the womb, and no one has the right to say if a child 's life should be taken, regardless of the circumstances. Could one live without a heart? I think not, so why does that give anyone else the right to take the heart of an unborn innocent child. If people would think about things this would be no different then going out and shooting somebody because someone does not like them. Yes this may be a completely different situation; but yet it 's still killing a living human, right? By the time most people find out they are pregnant, there is a functioning heart. Shortly after six weeks, the fetus heart can be seen and heard through an early ultrasound. So do not tell me that it is not a human being! A believer of God would understand why abortion is wrong. When in an automobile accident and an unborn child is killed the person responsible can be charged with second degree manslaughter. Since this is true, the fetus is counted as a human being... ... middle of paper ... ...ror as written above are legal in our country. The duty of our medical professionals are to preserve life at all cost, care , and working around the clock to save people. I believe that wherever human life is at stake, even soon to be human life, the fetus should be given the same rights given any human person. Therefore, many believe that abortion is the way to go, but for these reasons I believe it is wrong. People do not have the right to say that one life is important but yet another life is not as important. The unborn child does not even have a say in this decision about its own life. The fetus after a few short months can hear what is going on around it. It is stupid how people of today try to punish someone so innocent for their own stupid mistake. Grow up and accept the responsibility and quite pushing the blame on someone else, especially the unborn child.

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