The Murder Of Charles Manson

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Charles Manson Charles Manson was a criminal and major cult leader. In the late 1960’s, he formed the cult which he later named The Manson Family. Manson's “family” committed nine murders at four different locations. In 1971, Manson was convicted of first degree murder for the deaths of seven of the nine murders, two years before conviction. Manson was later convicted of first degree murder of the concluding two deaths later that year. Before the cult and the murders, Manson was a singer-songwriter associated with the Los Angeles Music Industry and Dennis Wilson, who was the drummer of the Beach Boys. In the beginning of becoming notorious, he became the face of insanity and violence. Manson was born named No-Name Maddox, to sixteen year…show more content…
During his first year at Terminal Island, Manson received visits from her and his mother. In March 1957, when the visits from his wife stopped, his mother told him Rosalie was living with another man. Less than two weeks before a parole hearing, Manson tried to escape by stealing a car.
In September 1959, Manson pleaded guilty to a charge of attempting to cash a forged treasury check, which he claimed to have stolen from a mailbox in town. He received a 10 year sentence and probation after a young woman with an arrest record for prostitution made a plea for the court which she stated that her and Manson were deeply in love .Before the year ended, the prostitute did marry Manson.
The woman's name was Leona. As a prostitute, she had used the name Candy Stevens. After Manson took her and another woman from California to New Mexico for the intention of prostitution, he was held and questioned for violation of the White-Slave Traffic Act. Though he was released, he suspected that the investigation had not been closed. When he disappeared because of his probation, a bench warrant was issued. An accusation for the violation of the Mann Act was issued in April 1960. When one of the women was arrested for prostitution, Manson was arrested in June and was returned to Los Angeles. For violation of his probation on the check-cashing charge, he was ordered to serve his 10-year sentence in
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