The Murder

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As BA reached the hospital parking lot exit, his cell phone buzzed. His watch read 10:22; so much for intentions. The unplanned interventions in a schedule he took in stride. However, he didn’t expect Liz to be calling. "Bernie, Harry asked for you to call him. The number is 555-1346, extension 22." "Have they learned something regarding Sally's murder?" “Sharon Connors passed away last night. Harry has a couple questions he wants to ask." "That surprises me. Sick yes, but didn't give the impression of being anywhere near death." "I know. "Appeared ok to me also, which shows one better be ready at any time. Plans Made without saying, "If it’s God’s will,' can be foolhardy. Well, give Harry a call and find out what he wants. Love you. Bye" BA hit end and dialed the number. Almost immediately Harry picked up the phone. "Hello, Sergeant Steinberg speaking." "Harry, this is BA. Did you need something?" "I understand Connors came to the church yesterday seeking help finding her family?" "That's true. Somewhere she learned my predecessor helped with her adoption, and expected old records. I explained nothing remained, and reluctantly let her tell her problem to the congregation. She hoped someone remembered and would present themselves. I'm surprised she died because, she didn't seem that ill yesterday." "Stumped her doctor also. He mentioned failing kidneys, but she wasn't even on dialysis. A heart attack might be a possibility, but struck him as unexpected. With all the things wrong, he indicated a sudden death always remained feasible. “When the maid tried to enter the room, the door had the safety in place. The crack gave poor visibility, but the woman’s appearance struck her as being questionable. ... ... middle of paper ... ...The car retrieved, he stopped at the first drive-in he encountered. It happened to be a fish place, which would make Lisa happier with his diet. Howbeit, they did seem to add a lot of garlic. What he ate engendered constant complaints. Every little thing that might keep me from being elected worries her. You’d think I was running for president and not mayor. His arrival left five minutes to spare. Lisa met him as he came in the door. "I was afraid you wouldn't make it. Did you encounter any trouble? Whew, what did you eat?" The comment about the food Frank ignored. "No, the plane was a little late, but that was all." “Let me help you affix the beard.” The director called for everyone to be on stage, and the work of the evening began. This was the one thing both he and Lisa enjoyed. They were acting a part, which made getting along an easier task.

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