The Multimedia Project: The Powerpoint, A Powerpoint

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The multimedia project that was developed was a PowerPoint. It consisted of twenty-one slides. Each slide has a title that gives an overview of what the slide is about. Some slides have words, pictures, or both. One slide has a video explaining what personality is about. The creators applied a theme, transitions, and animations to some slides. The last slide is the reference page that explains where the information came from. The PowerPoint focused on personality. The creators choose to do this PowerPoint because it related to a lesson they teach in school. One creator is a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) teacher and the other one is an Instructional Communication Technology (ICT1) teacher. A unit in the creator’s curriculums…show more content…
The principles, not used in the PowerPoint are: voice, image, and personalization. Signaling principle focus on people learning better when cues that highlight the organization of the essential material are added. Spatial contiguity principle focus on people learning better when corresponding words and picture are presented near rather than far from each other on the page or screen. Coherence principle focus on people learning better when extraneous material is excluded rather than included. Redundancy principle focus on people learning better from graphic and narration than from graphics, narration, and printed text. The modality principle focus on people learning more deeply from pictures and spoken words than from pictures and printed words. The last principle used segmenting, focused on people learning better when a multimedia message is presented in user-paced segments rather than as a continuous unit. The principles, not used would have been violated in the PowerPoint for various different reason such as no voice was added to the slide or a slide might have text, picture and
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