The Movie ' The Wreck '

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The Wreck The mid-summer of September 11, 2011 was one of the scariest things that had ever happened to me. You know how you watch a movie that has one of them scenes that has a really bad car wreck and either, someone dies or everyone somehow survive. Well, that’s how I felt when I got into this wreck. This one had really shaken me up extremely bad it was like my life flash before my eyes and especially knowing that I probably wouldn’t get to see what I was having yet. Yes, at that time I was pregnant and that what made the whole situation so terrifying and so nerve wrecking. This accident had taught me a lot by not watching out for myself, but for others that is doing the reckless driving. Before the accident took place I was going to Walmart to get the book “The Help”, since I heard so many reviews on the movie I wanted to read the book before I had watched the movie. Well, after I purchase the book I got in my car and drove down White Horse Road. At this time I had my windows down enjoying the air listening to Nikki Minaj . Everyone know that White Horse Road can get kind of stupid at times especially on a Sunday evening dealing with traffic. As I was driving I drove by Welcome Elementary and came upon the Spinx gas station, I had one of them deja vu moments where the car that was trying to come out the gas station pulled out in front of me and hit me. Once I had that vision bam! That’s when it happened. She pulled out and hit me on my passenger side and hit me across the third lane which made me hit this man and I ended up on the opposite side of the road where oncoming traffic was coming. I promise you that during them three minutes of spinning around I thought I was dead because all I seen was tractor trailer trucks. Lu... ... middle of paper ... ...Congrats! He was ready for you to see him!” Now looking at the monitor his legs was wide open with his hands on his face like I always have mines. They printed out the pictures and my mom was excited to find out that I was having a boy and we started doing some shopping that weekend. When this wreck happen in September, it taught me that life is very short and I am very blessed that I made it out of that car wreck alive. This had opened up my eyes and made me realize that I have to make better choices with my life especially when I was bringing a little person into this world. Also, it taught me that it’s not good to hold important information from the people you truly love because it will hurt them in the long run especially when you have to tell them on the spot. Although, it was a bad year for me it actually help me make good decision for myself and now my child.
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