The Movie ' The Other Wes Moore '

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Growing up in a small town in Idaho, I was never exposed to much crime. We had a few out-of-the-blue shootings and robberies, but it was nothing relatable to the amount of crime that happens here in Springfield. According to the Neighborhood Scout, Springfield ranks as number 48 out of the top 100 most dangerous cities in the United States. Most students at Missouri State University do not realize how dangerous Springfield actually is. They do not spend their time watching the news catching up on the newest crimes, and they spend most of their time on campus, where little crime is seen. Now that I have been elected as mayor of Springfield, it is my job to make sure Springfield and its residents stay as far away from danger and crime as possible. After reading the book The Other Wes Moore, it has opened my eyes to the change needed around the country, but also the change needed here in my city. A lot of the crime found in the book can be found in Springfield, and I am hoping to come up with a way to stop that. I have come up with three key ways, and I am hopeful that we can lower the crime rate if these solutions are prosecuted correctly. I believe acquiring a stronger police force, education system, and Boys and Girls Club can help take Springfield off of the top 100 most dangerous cities list. As seen in recent events in Missouri, it is a known reputation that we do not have the strongest police forces. Even though only four percent of Springfield’s population is African-American, most people believe they are the ones in charge of most of the crime. It can not be true that only four percent of Springfield’s population are the only ones in charge of making Springfield the 48th most dangerous city. Our police forces need to be edu... ... middle of paper ... ...successful college students who are potentially the perfect role models. They can offer support, advice, and love to these kids who might not receive those values anywhere else. Those values seem to be necessities for living a happy life, and the happier residents of Springfield, the happier the city. Although I know it is not possible to bring the crime rate of Springfield down to zero percent, there is no point in trying to lower it as much as possible. Like I have said earlier, as my time as mayor I am going to use the police force, education, and volunteer organizations to lower the crime rate and higher the amount of success in the city of Springfield, Missouri. We, as a community, want the outcome of Springfield to be more resemble to the life of the author Wes Moore than the life of the other Wes Moore, and should try as hard as possible to make that happen.

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