The Movie Industry vs Technology

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The Movie Industry vs Technology The Internet and the roles it plays in society Since its conception, the Internet has been a huge market for life uses. It provides some of the greatest resources to educate people around the world such as search engines, databases, and an almost endless expanse for innovation. Being a conglomeration of countless numbers of computers allow users to interconnect with each other, making computers a prominent part of people’s lives. Aside from the home uses, businesses have capitalized on it as well. The Internet is essentially a medium through which mass distribution of information and goods can be disseminated. However, “the Net is no longer just a publishing or an entertainment or a personal communications medium, but rather a fundamental and indispensable engine driving all social and economic life” ( Kline). E-commerce is a big part of the average consumer. Shopping online at sites such as and have provided users with the convenience of shopping without picking up the car keys. With a few simple clicks, a few typing of numbers, the desired product could be at your door within a few days. Other uses are GPS systems, or even a 911-based emergency utility that combines GPS and locates you in time of trouble. This is all provided for by the internet. In light of all these fantastic services that are provided by the Internet, it is without its flaws. Child pornography and piracy are just some of the illegal activity that are present in society today. Filters have been set up in schools and in homes to prevent viewing or downloading of such illicit materials, however that is not enough. With the conception of Napster, the music industry engulfed it, chewed it up... ... middle of paper ... ...anuary 12 - January 18, 2000. Http:// 8. Johnson, Bobbie. “CyberVillains”. The Guardian. Monday May 20, 2002. Http://,3858,4416832,00.html 9. Kline, David. “The Embedded Internet”. Wired Magazine. October 1996 Issue 4.10. Http:// 10. Nugent, Benjamin and Bennet, Brian. “Beyond Hollywood’s Reach”. Time. Feb 25, 2002. V159 i8 p56. 11. Olsen, Stefanie. “Hollywood faces recurring Net nightmare”. CNET New.Com. June 5, 2002. Http:// 12. Sullivan, Bob. “Hollywood Gets Tough on Copying”. MSNBC July 12, 2003. 13. Weisman, Robyn. “Steal This Internet Movie”. NewsFactor Network. Febryary 28, 2002. Http://
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