The Movie Food Inc.

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Yes, we should be concerned about what we are eating. There are three reasons why it is important for us to be concerned and those are genetically modified foods (GMO) are harming us and the environment, fish/ animals are now being modified and chicken and cows are being kept in rough conditions.
We should be concerned about the health of the animals that we are eating because if they are not consuming any healthy food we will not get our required nutrients. In the movie Food Inc. it shows how cows are only supposed to eat grass which is essential to them however we are now feeding them corn which makes the cows bigger and fatter faster than usual but there are many things wrong with it. This could cause Cows to raise the acid level this also creates existence for the dangerous disease E. Coli. E. Coli is a bacteria that is inside your intestines that helps you break down food. When cows are fed corn it also decreases the healthy acids such as Omega-3 and increases Omega-6 which is unhealthy. We should also care about their living conditions because a cow is in one area for most of the day just eating corn and when cows eat corn they tend to poop a lot. It is crowded in the eating area for cows so when they poop it falls on the ground and they eat so much corn that they just keep pooping so eventually they start stepping in it and this would cause them to get diseases. Some farmers when they slaughter them they do check for diseases but some don’t, so the diseases travel with the cow and onto your dinner plate which means that you could be eating an infected cow without knowing it. This could give you diseases and it could cause death. In Food Inc. they showed an example of a boy called Kevin who died because of consuming some unsanitary meat. He got E. Coli and died 12 days later. This proves that this should not be taken lightly because many people die from diseases similar to this one.
Fish and other animals are being genetically modified which means that they could be unhealthy or could lead to huge toxicity cases furthermore they could start to genetically modify other animals like cows. This is an unreasonable decision because the harms are inadequate which could mean there could be much harm like toxicity and allergic reactions which means that GMO is not safe and should not be in the market till all the advantages and disadvantages are figured out.
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