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As Mr. and Mrs. Gao board their departing flight, “the sadness of parting is crystalized in the father’s helplessness of the final shot—the victim of two strokes” as he raises his arms waiting for airport security to frisk him (Ma 199). This gesture, however, is extremely ambiguous since Mr. Gao’s arms suggest “as much a submission of to life” by a frail retired general “as a possible victory for gaining an heir” to the Gaos (Ma 199). Once again, Mr. Gao’s action symbolizes how some local populations refuse to give in to modernizing society, and still hold on to values such as continuing the family line into eternity. Like The Wedding Banquet, each character in Ang Lee’s Eat Drink Man Woman represents a part Taiwan’s family values and gender roles which change as a result of globalization. Three headstrong daughters “whose respective love lives are in varying degrees of tumult” and their widowed father headline a family that undergoes major transformations (Dillon 164). Though the father often creates “an oriental cornucopia” of food, the film juxtaposes this food style with an influx of fast food, “just as it is in the west” (Dillon 165). The appearance of such western fast food “with all of its western accoutrements” signifies the power and reach of globalization in Taiwan (Dilley 47). When the father uses his traditional cooking style to express both his creativity and love to his daughters “from whom he’s becoming increasingly estranged” (Dillon 165) the daughters do not seem to appreciate this medium of communication, each one choosing a different path toward individuality which diminishes the strength of traditional family bonds. The western modernized food style and independence of both woman and man in the film represent... ... middle of paper ... ...uly westernized by an oppressive force of colonialization as the church would represent, but instead the church serves as a place for Jia-Jen to confide her sorrows in. As discussed before, religion in Taiwan was used by people who found the intensive globalization and modernization efforts to be too fast of a transition, requiring a place to retreat to (White 118). Eventually Jia-Jen transforms from a conservative Christian to an assumingly sexually liberated woman once she meets and falls in love with a gym teacher. Shortly thereafter, she departs from the family house with her new boyfriend. Her transformation from a traditional to modern Christian resembles Taiwan’s young adult population’s transformation from a conservative to liberated mentality, pursuing different activities and practices originally thought to be unfitting for younger people to do (White 119).

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