The Movie 'Divergent': The Sociological Perspective

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I chose the movie Divergent because there is so many events in the movie to talk about that has to do with sociology. I could have chosen any of the Sociological Perspectives for this movie but I believe that Structural functionalism was the best option. The movie Divergent is about a futuristic society broken up into five factions. Abnegation is the selfless or generous, Dauntless or what I like to call the fearless group, Candor the honest, Amity the peaceful and Erudite which loves knowledge and are the smart ones of society. At the age of 16 you have to either stay in the faction you were born into from your parents or you can choose a different faction. If you choose a different faction you have to leave your family behind and stay with…show more content…
Learning about it and talking about it are two different things to me. Even though Divergent is set in a futuristic world a lot of the structures in that society go hand and hand with our society today. We have achieved or ascribed statuses, kids who are born into religion or parents who decide they want to be a certain religion. We have kids born into a certain job and do it because their parents want them to choose it. I see day in and day out people following the rules because they don’t want to be an outcast in society. If you don’t follow our society’s norms people look at you like you are crazy and no one wants to be looked at like they are crazy. If you don’t follow society’s rules then you can end up in poverty and have no one to care about you. So many people in the movie followed the rules because they thought that’s the only way society can be ran but it isn’t. Today I also see a lot of the same things going on. In the movie Tris stepped up and did the right thing, once Tris did that more and more stepped up and joined the cause. We today do the same thing, we don’t step up and do the right thing until others do. In present society we have primary groups who each have their purpose of keeping society functioning. We have teachers who teach knowledge to kids who someday will have jobs to keep society running. We have the work labor force to do the things that people like politicians don’t want to
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