The Movie Crash: Movie Analysis Of The Movie

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The movie Crash is without a doubt a very racist movie, but the creators did so in a way that not just one group was targeted. The creators of the movie made sure to incorporate all races when producing this film. To some people, the plot of this movie is too heavy, but the movie touched bases on many different aspects that individuals deal with on a day-to-day basis. The movie depicts that everyone has demons regardless of race, job title, or age. The movie starts with a car collision and then goes into a flashback mode, displaying events that lead up to the initial crash. Anthony, a young black man, was the most interesting character among all of the other roles. From the beginning of the movie, he was very angry with the white population. He was hostile because he felt that he was being judged solely on his skin color. When Anthony and his friend Peter were out to eat, Anthony was…show more content…
His demeanor truly converted when he was about to sell a white van (the same van that the “china man” was getting into when he ran him over) to a local car man for some extra money. When the car man realized there were chained people in the van, he offered Anthony $500 a person. Anthony could have easily taken the money and moved on with his life, but he had other plans in mind. He drove the individuals to Chinatown and released them. He also gave a man forty dollars so that he could feed everyone that was chained up. Anthony did not have to release those individuals or give them money to eat, but he did because he felt it was the right thing to do. Crash portrayed many different scenarios that many people go through on a daily basis. The movie engages viewers into everyone’s world. Everyone has something that they are battling constantly, but the movie depicts that only the person going through the troubles has the ability to change what is going on. Anyone can change their views on the world if they want to; all they have to do is

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