The Movie Crash

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Is it possible for someone to heal and forgive when something catastrophic has happened to them? We would like to think that we can overcome any negative moments and not let it impact our day to day lives. Crash, a film directed by Paul Haggis in 2004, is a film that follows a range of characters whose lives intertwine. The movie also exposes us to race and its effects on various people in Los Angeles. In the movie, Christine and her husband Cameron are pulled over by officer John Ryan in a traffic stop and Officer Ryan uses his power of authority and anger about the insurance company, to get away with molesting Christine in front of her husband. This causes some tensions in Christine and Cameron 's marriage because she does not feel like Cameron stood up for her which results in an argument. After the fight, Christine is distracted by her emotions and gets into a very dangerous…show more content…
She was facing death if he did not get her out of the car and she believed that he wasn 't going to hurt her. The person in this crises that changed the most is Officer Ryan, due to the fact that he was able to let go of his hate and anger to save the life of the women he destroyed, with little regard for his own life. A very important part of the movie is when he says to Christine “I need to reach across your lap. Can I do that please?” This shows that he cares about her feelings and wants to make it right. He was embittered in the beginning and so frustrated with his life and his own shortcomings that he uses his job as a power base. And he abuses that power. He 's deplorable, but you see what it was born out of. Not that it 's justified, but it is complicated. He 's not just a bad guy. He saves a life with little regard for his own, and takes care of his father as best as he can but as a result, did not get the help he needed from the HMO representative and this led to him risking his life to save
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