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Females are often looked down on by society as males stereotypically dominate the roles of machismo and independence, leaving no space for females to demonstrate their own strength. Coraline, a children’s animation intended to be a fantasy but instead a production laced with horror elements, includes numerous female characters that embrace society’s predetermined standards. As the audience follows the journey of the protagonist Coraline, stereotypes of women being dependent and not having a voice are unrefreshingly accepted by the female characters in the film. Coraline, the protagonist, is introduced into the film as a young, fearless girl who easily rejects the female stereotypes of society, but truthfully, it turns out she still embraces the female stereotypes of needing a knight in shining armor to save her. Coraline discovers the “Other” world that is the complete opposite of the real world with a perfect mother and father and everything she desires. Soon, Coraline sees that the perfect “Other” world is not as perfect as she had hoped it would be. Before Coraline goes through the dangers in the perfect “other” world, Coraline’s independence and courage has long since diminished when she meets a new male friend named Wybie. Her independence and outspoken self is further demeaned simply by Wybie’s presence that encourages the idea that females need a least one male to accompany them, weak or not. Although Wybie is portrayed as submissive throughout the film, especially with his quiet, hesitant voice and hunchbacked figure, he partakes in an important scene to save Coraline and that shows no matter how much bravery Coraline emanates from her attitude and personality, she still requires the help from her male friend, Wybie. When... ... middle of paper ... ...ther is the one who is supposed to cook for the family, gender roles are reversed as the females in the film work and males in the film are the ones who cook and stay on the sidelines, depending on the women to take control of the supporting and financial resources of the family. Coraline keeps female standards alive as the women in the film are stereotypically self-reliant and have the ability to defend themselves against males. Once women have the audacity to speak their voices and use their power to preserve their liberty from men’s dominance, they are suddenly transformed into ruthless and ugly human beings who enjoy stripping power away from everyone around them; however, Coraline, a children’s animation, stands up for the women in the film who actually use their power to reject female stereotypes and transform it into something for the better of gender roles.

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