The Movie Borderline Personality Disorder

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“Was I ever crazy? Maybe. Or maybe life is… Crazy isn’t being broken or swallowing a dark secret. It’s you or me amplified.” Determining sanity wasn't always prominent; the studies of mental health and psychology have improved greatly since the late 1960’s, but some could argue that there are still many disorders we do not understand. This movie envelopes the problems and treatment of patients during this era. Not only in a time of economic and racial disturbance, but the stereotypes and inequality for women are exemplified during this motion picture. During this award-winning film, we meet Suzanna Kaysen; a girl right out of high school with severe depression. Viewers discover that she downed a whole bottle of Aspirin chased by a bottle…show more content…
We learn in the movie that Suzanna is diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. One of the symptoms includes compulsive promiscuity. Tobey is brought in the beginning of the story as one of the men she had sex with. They barely knew each other and not much was discussed between the two characters, but they had a brief conversation about the war. Tobey says how the world is so mismanaged that “If some draft zombie pulls [his] name out of a barrel, [he’s] going to die”; Suzanna asks him when his birthday is, and he replies “December 30th”. In accordance to this conversation, while in the hospital, Suzanna had seen his Birthdate called on the television; to be drafted. In the following week, he show’s up expecting her to leave with him for Canada. Suzanna is reluctant, she believes she is getting better and she is starting to enjoy the company of the other patients. Anxious to leave, Tobey thinks he can convince Suzanna to retreat by minimizing her situation. He tells her that she is not like the others, that she is not crazy. His persistence brings Suzanna to openly admit her attempted suicide for the first time. This scene shows that women are independent, and don’t need to look to a man for guidance. Suzanna speaks up and chooses to do what’s right for her mental health rather than run and avoid her problems like Tobey seems to be doing. Correspondingly, Suzanna is demonstrating what strength is;…show more content…
The insight of Suzanna portrays what it was like to be a woman with a mental illness in the late 1960’s. Furthermore, many were quickly written off because, in that decade, women were thought to be just plain mental. On the other hand, the world is always evolving. A quote from the real Suzanna Kaysen helps remind the human population of this progression; “It’s a long way from not having enough serotonin to thinking the world is ‘stale, flat and unprofitable”. Additionally, today’s findings help to understand that approaches back then were severely outdated and caused more harm than good in most cases. In light of identity, women have come a long way since the 1960’s and are quickly becoming equals in the eyes of society. It is now known that more time and effort is needed in the world of psychology, and with all the technological advances being made throughout time we will only be making improvements in the

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