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Film: A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind is a film that is based on the life of a famous mathematician and Nobel Prize winner John Nash. In the film, John Nash is a known mathematical genius who was accepted to the university of Princeton. However, after being accepted to the university, Nash faced many challenges as he is unable to handle being social such being able to talk to the opposite sex in the proper manner nor attending class because of Nash's belief that nobody likes him, nor does he like people. In the movie, John Nash was diagnosed by a psychiatrist with schizophrenia because of the delusions he had and being unable to distinguish his imagination and reality. Symptoms for schizophrenia includes having difficulties in having social relationships, inability to distinguish from reality to imaginary, and able to have a clear thought process (Schizophrenia - PubMed Health).

In the film, John Nash's character was introduced based on Nash's own perspective of himself and his surroundings. In Princeton, Nash was shown to have a lack in ability to act normally in social events unless it was with his close friends such as Sol and Bender. Based on the idea that this was Nash's own perspective from the beginning of the movie, we can agree that Nash had a lack of confidence in acting normal in social events. We find out that Nash's friend Charles, whom Nash believed was his roommate throughout college never existed; rather he was an hallucination of Nash's mind. Nash does bring symptoms that link towards the diagnosis of schizophrenia because Nash did not have any hallucinations before entering Princeton university, yet he did have social interaction complications during his high school years. Like the timeline of Schizophre...

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...ibrium even after many after his theory was published. Yet, John Nash is just one example of the many people with limitations through being mentally ill, but each and every one of these people are potentials of a beautiful mind.

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