The Move Serpico, Staring Al Pacino

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Police Subculture and corruption are two of the many concepts that are portrayed in the move Serpico, staring Al Pacino. Frank Serpico dreamed about being on the force since he was nine years old. His dream would than come true soon after by graduating from the police academy and then becoming an officer for the New York Police Department in the late 60’s. It didn’t take long after, for Frank to realize that his dream would soon become his nightmare. Frank would soon discover that the loyalty and trust that comes with the uniform was only apparent in his dreams and imagination. The subculture that was created between the officers was something that didn’t interest Frank in the slightest way. In fact, Frank took many measures to put an end to the deception and corruption that was present between the officers on the force. Everything from bringing it up to the Mayor to taking it to court. No matter what Frank did, the subculture was too powerful. The corruption bond between the officers was not going to be broken up because it was too strong and united. As a result, this subculture would not be changed. One of the main reason for this is because of how long it has been going on. This subculture between the officers is nothing that happened over night, it has been going on years before Frank step foot into the department. Because of the history, many people across the city such as bookies and drug dealers are well aware about paying off the officers. In a way, it feels like it is some sort of tradition to pay the officers. It feels like this because of how corrupted the police were in New York City at the time. Police corruption had such a big impact on NYC that now matter what police force Frank went to across the city, he would fin... ... middle of paper ... Police subculture and corruption have been present throughout the movie Serpico. Frank is an officer who has been a victim of police corruption within the NYPD. He is a victim because he is not a “rotten apple” that his fellow officers are. Frank would be transferred from station to station and he found that each one was as corrupted as the last. Corruption was so popular that it seemed like every officer was apart of. Because of this, there was a subculture that was created between the officers. This subculture was strong and powerful due to numerous reasons. The most important being the fact there was a bond between these officers because they knew that they were all in this together. However, no matter what the subculture was, Frank would not give in to the illegal matter. Frank was the only officer who didn’t turn to the corrupted side in the movie Serpico.

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