The Motherly Decisions of Margret Blackwell

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It was a cold winter night and an expected mother is sleeping on a mattress that is lying on the floor. The room has brown paint on the walls and the plaster is breaking. Lying next to the woman is a box on the box is a bottle of beer and a gram of coke. The woman is addicted to cocaine and an alcoholic. You can hear the rats chewing in the walls. There are so many holes in the walls it looks almost like someone came in with a gun and shot up the walls. Margret wakes feeling so wet nothing can describe how much pain she is in. She realizes that she is in labor. The apartment building she grew up in was in the South Bronx, Margret Blackwood’s mother never provided for her. There apartment had a coach it was brown and had tan stuffing coming out the side. Her mother April was very skinny because she was addicted to cocaine. Her mother’s hair was short and black. To make money to buy drugs April Margret’s mother was a prostitute. Margret slept on the floor with no pillow and no blanket. Her mother used to beat her every day because she hated her daughter. Margret’s pain became so intense, but she just laid there and continued to go into labor. She just kept thinking about her childhood. Her mother died when she was seven years old. She really didn’t give a care about her. When she was young she just used to play in the hall all day long. She remembered her young friend and her snuck outside one afternoon and she saw him get murdered. He got shot in the head and Margret saw it. That day changed her it took her innocence away, she was no longer a child. She began to push the baby out on the pea stained mattress. She whaled as she continued to push the baby out in the small brown room with broken plaster. The baby finally came out... ... middle of paper ... ...n the street and it didn’t take long for her to start using again. She ended up living in a crack house. That’s how she ended up in that brown room with the broken plaster. She goes back every year on her birthday to the lot where the crack house use to be. Margret Blackwell loves her son and always thinks of him first know. She got out of the hospital, but just before she left she got to see her son. He had a full of hair and he was still being whined off the drugs, but he was beautiful. She went to jail and the judge later ruled that she should go to rehab for the possession. Also she got to be in her son’s life. Her son got adopted by a lovely man and women that always took good care of him. Margret ended up staying clean and know gives speech’s at local high schools, she finished high school and she even wrote a book about her life.

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