The Most Successful Empire: the Roman or the Mongol?

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The Roman Empire lasted from 201 BC to 476 AD and conquered many lands bordering them, including Mediterranean and covered all of western Europe and half of Britain. On the other hand, the Mongol empire lasted from 1206 AD to 1386 AD and conquered much of Russia, Islam, and many of the Slavic peoples. Their conquests were swift and brutal, often leaving thousands dead behind them and successfully becoming the civilization who had conquered the most land. Although both of the two empires were highly successful, but in my opinion, the Roman empire was more successful because they lasted much longer, was ruled by many successful and powerful leaders such as Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great, and also because it left behind many positive legacies that are still being used today.

The Romans left behind a substantial amount of remarkable legacies that are still standing or still have an immensely large impact on the world today. They built over 53,000 miles of roads to connect together every province in the empire, which were mainly built by the army and were built by hand. The Romans were responsible for building the Aqueduct, which were bridges that carried water into towns. In addition, the Romans built public latrines and systems of sewage pipes to carry sewage out of the streets and had the waste into the River Tiber, then out to sea. The language 'Latin' was first initiated and consummated by the Romans, which was written in an alphabet attained from the Greek alphabet. Latin eventually evolved into one of the "Romance languages", which still used in former Roman lands. English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian are all "Romance languages". The word “Romance” was evolved from the word “Roman”. Some Roman building...

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