The Most Significant Moment In My Life

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Every day in our lives we encounter moments that have an impact on the way that we live and behave. Among those moments some definitely carry more weight that others and have a much greater impact on our psyche. One of the most significant moments in my life was when I was in the eleventh grade and had to attend my grandfather’s funeral. It led me to experience a lot of thoughts and emotions that had never crossed my mind before. I never personally had to think about death before, so it was something very challenging to deal with since I had never encountered such a tragic moment before. It was an emotional experience that was extremely challenging to overcome. The memories from the funeral stayed with me long after the funeral had passed, I looked back at the memories and how they helped me mature, as well as develop as a person. I only knew my grandparents from my father’s side of the family; my mother’s parents passed away before I was born, so growing up, I spent a great deal of time with my father’s grandparents. When I was a child, my grandfather…show more content…
I had experienced injuries such as broken arms and legs, but never something that serious as death. Most of my family had already experienced death once before in their life, but to me this way something new that stayed on my mind for a few weeks after the funeral. I knew that death was something that was inevitable and that nobody can live forever, but knowing about and experiencing death were two different things. I thought about how precious life really is, how it can be take away so quickly, and appreciated my family and what they had sacrificed so that I could live comfortably. At the funeral I saw the strong bond of family, how so many people came together, and that stuck with me. Not much had changed, but I felt like I had gotten closer with my family and felt a stronger connection between

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