The Most Powerful Weapon On Earth, Is The Human Soul On Fire?

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“The most powerful weapon on earth, is the human soul on fire.” How does this quote by Ferdinand Foch have anything to do with me wanting a Master’s degree from Bethel University? Foch was a French soldier, military analyst and writer during World War I, who’s quote has inspired many, including myself. This quote symbolizes that there is nothing in the world that can stop anyone from pursuing and obtaining their goals-as long as they do so with passion. With this quote, I am constantly reminded that if approached with tenacity and passion, anything is accessible; everything is within reach. I believe that by acting passionately in all my endeavors, both personal and academic, I will be successful.. My desire to earn a Master’s…show more content…
This is due to being fresh out of the academy and not having a plethora of real police experience. I work hard on shedding these traits by trying to get into as many different scenarios as possible, and by communicating as much as I can with the campus community. I strive to make myself more comfortable, inviting and at ease in my position as a police officer. With time and experience, I will no longer be the cold, calculated robot I seem to be. “Why I want to earn a Master’s degree from Bethel University and what I will do with it.” I am a woman who lives every day with passion and tenacity, with my soul on fire. I have achieved a great deal in my career so far, and I know that the next step is a Graduate degree. Bethel University is an excellent institution, with morals and integrity that matches my own. In order to continue the forward propulsion I have dedicated my life to, I need to continue growing and learning all I can about my chosen field. I know that the best place for me to do this is Bethel University, as I know all of Bethel’s students and alumni understand. Thank you for taking the time to read this essay; I look forward to having more contact in the

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