The Most Memorable Teacher: My Most Memorable Teacher

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Most Memorable Teacher
Teachers who demonstrate their dedication to their job make a difference in their students’ life. Teachers are a big part of a person’s future because based on their knowledge is how students get motivated to achieve a career. Teachers help students build their own future profession.
All children have the right to have education, which gives them the opportunity to find great people during their education journey that will change their lives. In my personal school experiences, I met great teachers that influence on my education to become a teacher. I had great instructors; however, there is one person that more than a teacher she is my friend, mentor and motivation to keep going to achieve my goals, her name is Ruth Madocks.
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My GPA was always above 3.5 close to the perfect grade average, which was 4. Ms. Madocks is a great person, she always demonstrated her teaching love, she always had a positive attitude I never saw her upset because of a student. She continuously helped her students using different techniques until the student completely understood the subject. She never gave up on a student, on the contrary if she did not have the answer to help one of her student, she always made research or contact the correct teacher to support her to clarify the student’s question. In my own experienced with her, I think that the way that she showed her love for her career is what makes her a great teacher and my inspiration to become someone like her. When I started my senior year in High School, she told me to apply for college. It was not in my plans, I did not feel ready because I could not speak and write English for a college level and financially my parents could not afford it. However, she did not quit, she helps me apply to community college and look for financial help because she knew that I was going to success with a career. I did it, I graduated from community college with a

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