The Most Important Skills: The Importance Of Interpersonal Skills

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When discussing interpersonal skills, listening is the most important. It is the act of retaining and understanding information with respect to the person conveying the message. To listen is to silently participate with the message conveyor. One accomplishes this through consideration of the other person 's thought process, reading body language, and knowing when to emulate a signal of understanding by repeating statements, nodding a head, or by asking a question (, n.d.). When I am listening, especially over the phone, I make a point of saying things like, “Okay, I am following you,” or, “Yes, I agree with that,” or a simple, “uh-huh”. By saying those things outright, it lets the other person know that they are being heard…show more content…
Assertion is the act of getting things done virtuously without conflict or compromised values (, n.d.). Having assertive team members is important as long as that behavior does not turn into aggression. Someone who is competent in their job can agree to a task and will be able to calculate time needed for completion as well as prose possible hurdles, which alleviates the need to be asked when and how. Skill development site:…show more content…
For example, the financial department knows how much money can be spent without endangering regular operations. If the proposal writer does not get the necessary feedback about the idea, they may end up wasting time writing a proposal that was dead upon conception due to budget maximums. An unskilled, or even neurotic, communicator would be more likely to say, "That 's ridiculous, we don 't have the funding for that!" Whereas someone who respects the feelings of others would say, "While the idea certainly has potential, I feel you should include ways of saving the company money in order to allocate the funds needed for development." Skill development site: The ability to convince or influence others to act in congruence with, or believe in someone 's opinion, is the result of successful persuasion. Persuasion is an emotional bonding built on the basis of commonalities in individual morale and virtue (,

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