The Most Important Part Of Gun Cricing And More Gun Control

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Like every other young boy, I am worried about being the victim of a random shooting, as it seems to happen more and more frequently. At the same time, I want to be able to shoot a nice buck during the hunting season. Guns affect every one of us every day. They fill us with fear and also make us feel protected. Guns can be a problem, but using gun control to abolish them isn 't the solution. By “gun control”, I mean laws that keep firearms off the streets by stopping their purchase. I agree that some form of gun control is needed, but what we really need to focus on is gun licensing and more gun safety. I believe in my constitutional right to keep and bear arms, and I don 't feel that others should be allowed to take away that right. Gun control…show more content…
If one were to stop and think about it, the saying that "guns don 't kill people, people kill people " is beyond doubt valid. Groups for stricter gun control, such as Handgun Control Inc. (HCI), consent that guns do kill people. They assume that it is the gun that makes people feel they are in the right and have control to take someone 's life and have power over a situation.”, says (Kriegel 818). In reality, one cannot lay the blame on the gun. Guns aren 't living objects that can pick their victims and shoot at will. Guns require a person to pull the trigger. On the topic of ideal gun control, instead of banning gun use, Karl Simon writes, "...the 'ideal ' gun control program is one that does not pose serious barriers to the possession of handguns for legitimate purposes, but does effectively inhibit the use of handguns in crime by a method which has low cost to the criminal justice system and to society at large" (Simon,…show more content…
True, gun control can lessen the amount of guns on the streets, but it also takes the guns out of the hands of responsible owners, not the criminals. Illegally purchased firearms can hardly be regulated and these are the guns that are used by the people doing most of the killing. By inserting a block on legal purchases, the government is refusing the common citizen the ability to protect themselves. It seems such a disgrace that one would have to die because the government wouldn 't let them have a gun. The emphasis of gun control should be placed on educating gun safety to those who haven 't had any experience and licensing those wanting to use their firearms. By doing so, the government would be helping the typical gun owner learn what his or her mistakes might be, and keep most of the deaths from
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