The Most Important Of The Five Functions Of Management Case Study

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A. List the five essential elements of a viable U.S. Health Care System as emblemized by the Health System Stool, and state your opinion as to which element is the most neglected and most difficult to address.
The five elements of the stool are sustainability, quality, cost, access and political feasibility. If some parts of the stool are not strong the whole system becomes unstable. The most neglected and most difficult to address part of this stool is the political feasibility leg. Politics are so deeply imbedded in every organization that it affects the culture of the organization. It creates bureaucracy. The rigid structure of bureaucracy inhibits change.
B. In your opinion, what is the most important of the five functions of management?
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This kind of thinking will lead to an autocratic style of management. Autocratic management is where the manager dictates all the work, there is poor communication, and the employees do not have an opinion. Theory Y is employees would behave different if treated differently by managers. This assumption helps for a participative style of management. This is where managers empower employees. Theory Z, also called the Japanese Management, is a combination of both. This theory will lead to believing in collectivism and collaborative methods.

H. Describe the three-step process of Control, and give an example of how you would accomplish these tasks in your HCO.
The first step in control is set standards and expectations, then monitor and judge performance, and last adjust standards and improve performance if necessary. In my HCO, the VA hospital, we have a bad press problem. In step one, managers have to make sure the standards and expectations they set align with the company’s mission and what the stakeholders want.
As the human resource officer, I would set the goals, policies, and expectations to make sure employees are taking care of patients appropriately to make sure the events that would lead up to bad press do not happen in the first place. For example make sure patients who maybe suicidal do not sit in the waiting room unsupervised. Next in step
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