The Most Important Moment In My Life Essay

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Life is very precious and full of moments that will last a life time. Life has many important aspects and it is very rewarding. Sometimes many moments can be taken for granted because, they happen everyday. Somethings that make life special can consist of having your family around you, taking some time to talk with a stranger, and knowing that you have helped someone even with the smallest thing. Many things from our day-to-day life change the way we look at things. The moments that stick with us can be the most important part of our lives. One thing that makes life special is having all of your family members with you at one time. Any big event that happens in your life, usually involves a family member being there. This is a special thing that is usually taken advantage of because your immediate family is always around. The best part about it is, the family that you do not see as much will be there. These are the kind of moments that will be remembered forever. An example of this was my graduation of high school. I had many different friends who had family members fly in just to see them graduate.…show more content…
It could be for any reason, even a math test. An example of this would be studying for a math test that I took and failed. I was very unhappy because I thought I was going to pass. I started to study more and go to the tutoring that was held. I have made a new friend in my class and she has been nothing but helpful. The simplest math problem that I could not understand for the life of me had defeated me. One day I was put in a group with her and she helped me out with a trick to remember how to solve the problem. I ended up receiving an A on my first math test. This had put the biggest smile on her face when I told her I passed. Helping someone, even in the slightest way possible can go very far. Taking time out of your day to help someone is not a selfish act and should be done more
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