The Most Important Habits Of Being Proactive, By Stephen Covey

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One of the most important habits is being proactive for. For example, you have to choose if you want to be a proactive person or a reactive person. The book teaches us that “Each day you and I get about 100 chances to choose whether to be proactive or reactive”. Being proactive is you blame your problems on your self not other. You are the one that chooses to do the thing that got you into problems. Being proactive is you’re in charge of your life. The author[Stephen Covey] teaches us that “You are in charge of your own life, nothing else is really possible”. It pays to be proactive you can't be a proactive person in one day or a week, for example, proactive people“Can brush things off without getting offended”. But if it was a reactive person they would get offended that why it takes a lot to…show more content…
For example, author[Stephen Covey] said “do you want to go to college? Graduate school”. Basically, you have to know if you want to go to college or what you going to be in the future. Begin with an end mine tell us that ”since you’re the driver, decide where to go and draw a map of how to get there”. You have to set a destination of where or how you’re going. For example, I[Milad] want to be a police officer i set a destination now i just have to go to the distention and I know that i'm going to have trouble during the rood but nothing is impossible as stephen covey said. Personally how I use beginning with an end mind is I write 3 different plan because if plan a doesn't work then I go for plan b…. After, i set my 3 different plan i don't think about nothing. I just go for it like i explained sometimes there will be some challenges but i take challenges like nothing because that how life works. My journal entry taught me that begin with an end mind is “Having something in your brain that you go for or you trying to be in future”. Also, if you have something in your brain just go for it and never give

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