The Most Important Events Of The 20th Century

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During the Twentieth-Century, there were several dramatic economic changes and events. Going from being a complete agricultural nation to being an industrial super, enduring a great depression, having a civil rights movement and so many more, the 20th Century carries the names of some of the world’s most important events. Although history has flourished with all of its game changers, the solute most important event of the 1900’s was World War 2. The second world war, just decades after the first, “was the most widespread and deadliest war in history, involving more than 300 countries and resulting in more than 50 million military and civilian dead,” according to After World War I had ended, the peace settlement known as the Treaty of Versailles, created in 1919, had a purpose of obligating Germany to relinquish territories to Belgium, Czechoslovakia, and Poland. However these new territories were very susceptible to aggression from its neighboring countries, Germany and the Soviet Union. During this time there was still a great deal of tension between the countries/ territories. Italy and Japan viewed the treaty as a failure to acknowledge the status of the two’s world powers. Also Germans saw that rather than being defeated at the close of World War I, they were betrayed. With the economy being exceptionally deprived and a great deal of political instability, this set the stage for dictatorships that according to Twentieth-Century America “offered territorial expansion by military conquest as a way to redress old rivalries, dominate trade and gain access to raw materials”. Countries such as Japan began making use of propaganda’s stressing that Japans “greatness” must be reassured. Italy’s Fascist dictator, Benito Mus... ... middle of paper ... ...etter than ever and this is due to the batteries, plastic and etc. that went into making them. This benefits today’s world because the walkie-talkie turned into a cell phone, both of which a presently used. Also the atomic bomb was very new then and it was the main cause the Japanese surrendered to the U.S, today nuclear bombs are used heavily not only in the U.S but around the world in armed forced. There were many events in 20th century World history that caused change but World War II was by far the most epic life changing event of that time. Today you can still tell that WWII has changed lived due to the number of Museums and Memorials up around the world to pay homage to civilians who fought and lost their lives and as well as the lives that were senselessly taken. World War II will forever influenced the present day and be remembered for generations to come.
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