The Most Dangerous Game And 'Hunters In The Snow'

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Works of commercial fictions usually have an adventurous, action-oriented plot, making it popular for the audience because of its purpose to entertain. In contrast, literary fiction has elements that bear significance relating to our perception of the universe and humanity, thus targeting a smaller group of readers whose interest lies in the author’s technique and perspective on life. Richard Connell’s primary motive in “The Most Dangerous Game” is to fulfill the audience’s desires of a plot-driven, action-based story while Tobias Wolff’s “Hunters in the Snow” is structured to conform to the artistic elements of literary fiction.
‘The Most Dangerous Game” displays a fanciful setting that plunges the reader into a hostile world that is based on the philosophy of the hunter and the hunted. In this story, the protagonist, Rainsford, tumbles off a yacht and lands in
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Rainsford faces conflicting situations both externally and internally. He is challenged by General Zaroff to a manhunt game under certain terms: If Rainsford wins, he is granted the wish to leave but if General Zaroff finds him during the three-day period, he perishes. Additionally, the Ship Trap Island’s menacing quicksand, swamp, and dense jungle presents as other natural obstacles for Rainsford. At the height of the manhunt, Rainsford assures himself that he must retain his equilibrium, “I will not lose my nerve. I will not”. His mental struggle is triggered when General Zaroff was coming through a bush and smiles, acknowledging his quarry’s presence under the leaves. Commercial fiction includes many bits of suspense in a story. For example, Connell initiates
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