The Most Common Causes Of Obesity In The 21st Century

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In the 21st century, a lot of people in the world are faced with the nightmare of being extremely overweight. This is majorly due to the type of food we are eating, increased sedentary lifestyle and other factors such as stress. Being overweight comes at a cost, the most lethal one being the risk of acquiring new diseases associated with excessive body fat which is a major contributor to the many deaths that we are experiencing worldwide today. In medical terms, being extremely overweight is referred to as obesity. Obesity is an excess of body fat that is associated with health problems (Stettler et al 1). Research carried out by various individuals and institutions point out to the fact that obesity is the biggest killer worldwide.. The major known causes of obesity are; lack of sleep, stress, some medicines, too much fast foods, depression, bacteria in the gut, too much carbohydrates, certain viruses and little or no body exercise (Rossen et al 35). These are some of the most common causes of obesity. Lack of sleep deprives the body the much needed rest for normal metabolism to ta...

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