The Morning in College

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The Morning

Tuesday morning is the busiest time in my week. As I wake up thirty minutes before the class begins, time always forces me to prepare for the class quickly. Actually I want to eat breakfast with a cup of coffee but I do not have time to do so. I regret that I stayed up late last night.

Tuesday is a day that I have to wake up early because I am taking a class at nine thirty. At nine o?clock, the cell phone, clock radio, and TV wake me up at once. On the radio, NPR news is on the air but I turn it off quickly. From the TV, ESPN broadcasts the results of yesterday?s sports. Even though I like sports, I am so sleepy that I cannot pay attention to result and switch the TV set off. Finally, the cell phone wakes me up but I can not get out of my bed right away. I have a doze at most five minutes.

While I am fighting against sleepiness, I get up from my bed and head to the kitchen to get coffee. My room is small and typical man?s room somewhat messed up. As I kick stuff on the floor such as shoes, I get to the door. Right after I open my room?s door, I smell the air freshener which is sitting in the living room and it makes me sick. In addition, the hallway is colder than my room. Therefore, I am shaking with cold. Class begins at nine thirty. Time is running out so I cannot waste time and I have to do everything deliberately. I set a coffee filter, coffee, and water on my coffee maker. On the package of ground coffee, the world famous trademark of STARBUCKS ...

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