The Morality Of God In John Milton's Paradise Lost

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In “Paradise Lost” by John Milton proves the over superior being is God. Though , the book shows that there are different superiors , God maintain to be the emperor himself. God had created the justification and obedience in the world to see if his creations would obey. Setting those standards God wanted the world to run as inferiors so they can obey their superiors.It is morally proper to obey God , if not you would be punished. In Paradise Lost , Milton shows that though we make a mistake , we learn from them quickly. God knows everything and knows what everyone move is going to be. God being the creator of all why would they disobey his commands? God is the almighty , he is the most powerful. God created Adam under him and gave him knowledge…show more content…
Satan actions are the reason why Adam lost his freedom and free will . Milton had supported that Satan is easy to console with and that he is much more like us than God. Satan perceived as a rebellious angel who rises up and defies God’s morals .God purposely let Satan escape hell and flea to Eden , in which had caused the first disobedient act. “ Man’s first disobedience , and the fruit of the forbidden tree , whose mortal taste brought death into the world, and all of our woe ,with loss of Eden, till one greater man restore us, and regain the blissful seat,sing Heav’nly Muse.. what in me is dark illumine , what is low raise and support “, ( page 3 , Paradise lost). Milton describe Eve’s eating of the forbidden fruit had brought the loss of immortality. The loss of immortality gave us the loss of making decision on are own. We are dependent on God. Being dependent on him does not give us the sense of free will. The first disobedience act Satan was the starter of all man disobedience , he was the one to perceived Eve on giving her an idea to eat the forbidden fruit. God gave Satan the power through force and discourse which led Satan to be the ruler over the falling angels. Hell is feared. God knows every move that Satan is going to make ,…show more content…
God told Adam and Eve not to eat the forbidden fruit , they did anyways God punished them but also perceived .In Paradise lost there are many speculations to prove there was a superior and an inferior in every circumstance but god was the hierarchy of them all. He was the creator of all and superior. God had given each a different outlook on everyone. Though we are not created from free will , we are created by a desire from free will. Eve had the desire to gain knowledge. Though she was being seduced by the evil acts of Satan . She desired it though it was wrong. God being superior of all had led them to seek the knowledge , they wanted.Throughout we can see that Milton , Leherer and Condee supports that God is superior over all but gives one ability to sin. Sinning can be a bad thing but also a good thing. Though if Adam and Eve did not eat the apple , the fall wouldn 't have occurred , without it occurring we might of not gained the knowledge we have

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