The Morality Of Education In Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics

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Throughout time education has been highly valued role in society in theory to keep everything running. The world would not be able to run without educated people discovering new ideas and solutions to large problems. In Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics he describes how important it is to obtain the morality of education. A person who gains intellical knowledge has a greater view on life rather than a person who does not get an education. Striving for the ultimate best helps each society run comfortably by not only the faculty contributing to their students, but the students inputting feedback which creates a healthy learning environment. While getting a degree from a specific university, many different things factor into achieving the…show more content…
In everything Aristotle describes he talks about a mean or balance and even justice must have a certain amount balance. For a community to be healthy and fourlish, it must have a government running it which leads to needing justice. But, at the same time politics causing many problems and conflicts between communities, so it remains very important to stay in the mean. Justice itself has a mean between having too much and putting out too much, and having too little and putting out too little. This has to do this interactions between students and faculty. Justice has two different subdivisions the distributive and rectificatory justice, Aristotle would not stress the distributive when speaking on the educational system, but he would want people to exercise the rectificatory. This act of justice finds the portion of being equal with is very important between students and faculty. Aristotle says, “The equal is intermediate between the greater and the lesser line according to arithmetical proportion” (87). This amount of justice is so optional for a university to run smoothly and keep healthy strong relationships between the students and…show more content…
If people follow Aristotle's views of morality, good ethics, and spiritual development they can reach the educational eudaimonia. Which allows people to successfully flourish in a college society. He stresses many different qualities for flourishing such as, following ones function while exercising virtues, keeping oneself justly, obtaining healthy relationship for growth, and even leisure self enjoyment. If one exercising all of these qualities from Aristotle, they will find themselves living a great life and reaching the

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