The Morality Of Animal Experimentation

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Animals have long been used for research and testing purposes dating back to as early as the nineteenth century() . Animals are often the subjects of experiments in the field of science in order to gain further knowledge about human disease as well as testing the safety of potential human treatments. Animals such as mice and rats are amongst the most commonly used subjects due to their physiological and genetic similarities with humans, which is why using animals for these scientific purposes can be tremendously helpful for furthering advancement in the medical field. However, cosmetic testing, a subcategory of animal experimentation continues to be……. While it is estimated that more than 25 million vertebrate animals are used annually in research, testing, and education in the United States, there continues to be an ongoing debate about the morality of animal experimentation (). Those who favor animal experimentation argue that it is a necessity in order for us humans to further our knowledge in science and medicine, while those who oppose argue that all animal experimentation should end due to the lack of respect for the animals and their wellbeing. Opponents view animals as having the same rights to live out a full life free of suffering, as a human being does. Others argue that while it may be sometimes wrong to abuse animals, animal must continue to be used for experimentation because of the enormous scientific resource that they provide researchers, and because it remains legal to use animals in cosmetic testing, they are doing nothing wrong by law. Proponents of animal experimentation often realize the cruelty often association with animal testing and seek improvements in the conditions and treatment laboratory anim... ... middle of paper ... ...lue of animal experimentation outweighs the negative effects on the scientists in their dealings with others. However cosmetic testing on animals is not done to improve global health, but for the self interest of people to improve their physical appearance. Therefore according to Kantian ethics, the lack of scientific value of cosmetic testing on animals would not outweigh the negative effects inflicted upon the animals therefore the act is not ethical.Going against this duty to treat others such as animals with respect, would therefore be unethical. The morality of the actions of cosmetic testing therefore, must be assessed in terms of the motivation behind it. Based on the Kantian theory, cosmetic testing on animals is morally wrong due to their use as mere means for the self interest of humans that goes against our duty to treat all living creatures with respect.

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