The Moral of the Story

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The Genre I choose was fables. Fables all started in remote locations and where told by word of mouth well before they were written in books. Fables have been passed down from generation to generation. So, most fables we know today have traces to generations past. Fables also give insight to past customs, old traditions, beliefs, customs and rites. Fables are generally short stories in prose or verse which tell the story of animals, people or things. Many fables take animals, mythical creatures, plants, inanimate objects or force of nature and given them human characteristics and qualities. The tortoise and the hare by Aesop is a prime example. The plot is very short and to the point. The plot usually unfolds very quickly. Many fables surround a moral message or a lesson. Fables also give the listener or reader a chance to laugh at human error, when certain behaviors are stressed to avoid. Many fables in different cultures either incorporate music, dance, singing and artistic production. The fable is one of the oldest forms of folk literature which was spread aboard and modern researches agree, less by written but more orally. Fables are found in almost every country around the world. The plausible origin of fables was in Indian by the Greek slave, 620 B.C. Credited for most known fables heard today and some of his fables are “The Ant and the Grasshopper “ and the “Lion and the Wolf”. Fables have similarities such as that they are handed down from generation to generation. Also, that they are typically untrue, help us connect with other cultures and are for all age groups. Since many people think that fairy tales and fables are the same which they are not they have difference such as fairy tales primarily have character such as... ... middle of paper ... ... about other cultures. It also gives us an insight to our problems and helps us see what we are doing wrong. It is a nice way to tell people they are messing up their lives. Work cited page "Fables- The Genre of Fables"5/18/10 "Fable". wikipedia . 5/18/10 <>. lolaceituno, "Fable and Morals". Slide Share . 5/18/10. Fenkl, Heinz Insu. "The Secret Alchemy of Dr. Seuss ".5/18/10 . "Green Eggs and Ham". wikipedia . 5/18/10 . "The Hare and the Tortoise". University of Massachusetts Amherst. 5/18/10 . "Dr.Seuss". Dr.Seuss enterprise. 5/18/10 .
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