The Moral Issues of Artificial Insemination

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Although infertility is a significant problem in the United States today, “artificial reproductive technologies” are often avoided due to negative perceptions (Barbieri 203). In 2005 10 percent of American couples were infertile. There are numerous causes that sometimes can be avoided. When there is no way to fix it, there are ways to treat it.

Stress can cause infertility because hormones take over the body producing more cortisol which suppresses sperm count (U.S.: 2.1). The added physical, mental and financial pressures of assisted reproduction can decrease the chances of pregnancy. Women who were part of a stress management program during IVF treatments had a 160 percent better chance at pregnancy than women who were not a part of it (New Study). Too much stress on a woman can cause changes in hormone levels making the time of egg release delayed or not happen at all (U.S.:2.1). Twenty minutes a day of meditation can lower stressful feelings by 10 percent (U.S: 2.1). Studies show

that stress management may improve pregnancy rates, minimizing the stress of fertility management itself, improving the success rates of IVF procedures, and ultimately, helping to alleviate the emotional burden for women who are facing challenges trying to conceive. (New Study)

Stress affects everyone’s life differently, but unfortunately for women, it can mean missing out on motherhood. Women should do all they can to alleviate stress to increase their chances of conception.

Women in their late 30’s have half the chance of getting pregnant than women in their 20’s. But many women, despite their age, may face challenges trying to conceive. Females are born with all of the eggs in their body that they will have for a lifetime. “Venerea...

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