The Moon: The First Moon Landing On The Moon

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Conspiracy theories have been around since the beginning of time. When NASA sent the first landed on the moon, there are people who believed that NASA faked the moon landings. Men, such as Bill Kaysing, the Flat Earth Society, and Davie Groves, and Bart Sibrel, have written books, delivered lectures, and made videos about why they believed NASA faked the moon landings. Based on their observations which include no stars in their pictures, NASA 's drive to beat the Russians to the moon, and a way to distract people from the Vietnam war, the group believes that the moon landings were faked. If you notice in all the pictures that NASA has taken of the first moon landing, there are no stars in the sky. In July of 1969, many Americans watched Neil Armstrong as he took that first…show more content…
Maria Blyzinsky, who is the Curator of Astronomy at the Greenwich Observatory, London, states, “yet with no atmosphere on the moon, stars should be visible” (Costella). Stars are not passive light source, they are shining. It 's small suns, and without atmosphere they certainly would be present, as they do on photographs done by soviet lunar vehicles. NASA may not have been able to create the lunar sky, instead, they decided to show the astronauts standing against a black background. As they explored the surface of the moon, many photographs were taken on different parts of the moon. According to Prabhupadangua News, “those photographs that were taken of the different parts of the moon, have identical background landscapes” (Prabhupadangua News). In the pictures of the moon, the background pictures all look the same. This is just one example of the moon landing being a hoax. They used the same backdrop for different photos that were supposed to be in different areas of the moon. NASA claims that the only light source for taking the photographs was the sun. One example of such a photo, is of Armstrong and Aldrin planting the flag. If the photo was taken by using only the light
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