The Moon Over Buffalo Play Analysis

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The "Moon Over Buffalo" is a comedy written by Ken Ludwikg in 1953 and it represents a play with humor, sharmy and higher performance, action between actors. This comedy showed a great plot which follows a line organization structure from the beginning to the end with original solving the problems. The story takes place on stage, and backstage at the Erlanger Theatre, Buffalo, New York, on the mid- morning in June 1953, where we saw for the first time George and Charlott Hay were performing " Cyrano de Bergerac" and " Private Lives." Charlotte, as a great actor in a local stage, had a dream to became a Hollywood film star and Georg a good actor with superiority in live theater who received a call from a very famous film director Frank Capra. …show more content…

The audience feel under presion what is going to happen in every singl movement and what will be the next step after this event. The Moon Over Buffalo express the modest hope that this story will be considered worthy for all age and social level. The language in this written is in the apropeiet of the year wher this story talk about, and is popular written. It is very easy to understend for all age who watch the play and is a stage as comedy should be. The language is funny, and it doesn't let you stop laughing. It is a wild and wacky farce and rolling audience with echoing. To many part of pras we can remember and use as a comic tops of our dicenery and in the recent memory. The music and sound effects are in the same pont with what the author nedded to say in that play. In the smok and sword fight on the first act we thought will be a play where every body is confusing and fight each other. The phone ringing all the time and this help the actors to play around in the hury and action come up with rehearsal process. The purposes of the phone is any time we heart that something is going to happen, so we expectin to change the sequence in the play. Ringing the phone open a problem, hanging up the phone close the problem. Opening and shoutting the door of dressing room as a slamming it create for the audience understanding the flow of the show and leaves the flexibility as we see white and black to the performance. Crying with tears make the player dramatic, but afraid of discover which it trying to keep things together laughting and

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