The Moon Hoax

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The "Moon Hoax" has been around since 1835, when the New York Sun printed an article about this whole ordeal. The New York Sun used and credited Sir John Herschel, who was a British Astronomer. Herschel claimed that he had tried out a new type of telescope on the Cape of Good Hope in January of 1834. While in Cape Town, he said he'd set up an Observatory. Using this, he claimed to have observed what he thought of as the "Real" Moon. He claimed to have seen vegetation, bodies of water, and living creatures. He also said he had seen "Bat People" who were described as being furry winged men. This took the People at a shock, and the "Evidence" and science astounded them. So many began to believe this is true.

Today, there is still talk of this "Moon Hoax". There are many things that one can say doesn't make sense about the whole idea of landing on the moon. Most astronauts that have landed on the moon have brought back samples of a type of Lunar rock.

According to Dr. Sten Odenwald, we have accumulated at least 841.6 pounds of moon rock.. ?Moon Hoax? Believers say that this Moon Rock could be any thing, and that if you take an unfamiliar type of rock, and call it a Moon Rock, people are going to believe it. There is one major problem with this theory. ?Dr. David McKay of NASA's Johnson Space Center says that faking a Moon rock to fool scientists around the world would be next to impossible. ?It would be far easier to just go to the Moon and get one!? he says.? (2)

Moon Rocks have been tested, and tested, and tested. Each time scientists have found many different minerals in Moon Rocks that aren?t in Earth rocks. Earth rocks contain many clay minerals, which is exactly what Moon Rocks don?t have, clay minerals. In the...

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