The Monologue Of Awake Duncan's Macbeth

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Hark! Ravens don’t bother the owls nest! Get out, get out! Your claws are too small to lash my perfectly trimmed feathers. Stop darkening my mind and heart you horrible messengers. (hand gestures) That unbearable murderer, he pursues something more than power, he is greedy yet he only justifiably should receive death. A death so horrific it stirs those lethally wounded by his knifes-edge. (holds dagger in hand) Awake Duncan and his guards; give me the strength of the revengeful men. (drop to the ground) Bring back my strength spirits! Rid me of brittleness! Oh sweet lord have forgiveness and sympathy on me, blood stain still remains on my hands. Tinting my blank heart deeper and deeper as each instant pass. Not a drop of blood washes away even with the purest waters. I scrub harder and harsher my blood fuses with the blood of the innocents lost. Forgive my desire for power; forgive my sins. What if I hadn’t pushed my kind heartened innocent husband into performing this atrocity? Would I feel as free as the osprey that sores the skies? Would I have a child the lord hasn’t grante...

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