The Modernist Period And The American Dream

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The Modernist Period and the American Dream There are many periods throughout history that have made and shaped the nation. Starting when the nation was founded and leading all the way up to present day. Throughout the years there has always been the idea of an American Dream. The Modernist period is a time in American history that starts the beginning of breaking away from tradition. This era is estimated by many to be between the years of 1910 to 1940. Society during the Modernist era emphasized an immense deal on the idea of becoming someone or making a name for oneself. It was a time of change and prosperity, and the formation of a new American Dream. During the American Modernist period, Americans broke away from traditional writing styles and conservative lifestyles; transforming the American dream, into living leisurely and to the fullest. There is not a pinpoint as to where the Modernist era began. It was a time of change and transformations. The American Dream started shifting into the idea of bigger, better and reaching for the best. Many people believe that the beginning of this era is not exactly known (American Modernism: Greenhaven 13). People believe this because there was not a big enough event to start it. Of the many changes throughout the years, this period is seen to stand out more because of how big the transformations were. Not just were there shifts in the American Dream but also in the home life and in the writing styles. This time lead to even more time periods to come where all kinds of things were changing and things were becoming more cantered around the American Dream and about art and music and freedoms. People started focusing less on religion and became more open about religion. People started to ... ... middle of paper ... ...t have, portraying the American dream. The American Dream of this time seemed to be the idea of wanting money and a big house, but maybe not as much wanting to work for it. There dream was still focused around upward mobility. People seen in The Great Gatsby portrayed the ideals of the American Dream very well, which a great representations of the American Dream during that time. The Modernist period was a time in history when there were many changes. These changes varied from the American Dream to the literary styles and techniques. The American Dream became less complex and was more flexible than ever. It varied from the changing lifestyles to the change in literature. Helping to shape the nation into what we see today. People were focusing more on themselves and wanting to be known, and they also wanted to have money. Living life with an optimistic viewpoint.
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