The Modern Woman

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The cover of the book is an image of a girl next to a messy antique warehouse was curious reader's imagination about the story content. The Book, "Fire and Fog", by Dianne Day tells a story about a girl's life after the violent earthquake in San Francisco on Wednesday, April 18, 1906. Her name is Fremont. Her life seemed only physical difficulties, but with curiosity and adventure of her blood she was swept into the dangerous secret. The author shows that all secrets will be reveal, justice is always right and the bad guys will always be appropriate retribution that they have caused. Fire is the true scene of San Francisco and the Fog is the hidden secret in this city. Fremont, a typewriter, is one of the main characters who was herself to investigate and solve the secret to the last minute. She displays several qualities which make her stand out more but the remaining characters. It is evident throughout the novel that Fremont is a brave person in every situation, intelligence in problem solving and independent living. Fremont is a brave person. In the novel, when she was threatened by a stranger who put the gift of death at front steps Alice's house for several days in a row, it has made Fremont felt very scared and did not understand the reason why they acted like that "someone had taken a dislike to one or both of us" (92). In situations like this, people are often worried, frightened. They need help from authorities intervention to resolve, but Fremont was understood that no one could help her with little things like that while the city still chaos after the quake. With curiosity and want to know the truth, Fremont decided to start planning this crime alone, "I closed the door without locking it; I wanted to be able and to sp... ... middle of paper ... ...hough she did not know he had returned or not. This shown that, Fremont is fixed in love. She does not want to depend on anything and always believe in herself. It is clear that from these events, the reader can infer that Fremont is the independent life. Fremont is a brave, intelligent and independent. The author shows these qualities throughout the story. When you encounter difficulties and dangers in life, one learns that Fremont is the courage to pass it with determination and extraordinary courage. When experiencing difficult problem and hassles, we witness that Fremont is smart to figure out how to solve logical and consistent to be able to solve the problem thoroughly. Lastly, when in poor conditions and inadequate facilities, Fremont still chooses an independent lifestyle, not dependent on anyone. It is with no doubt that Fremont is truly a modern woman.
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