The Modern Painting Style From Wassily Kandinsky And Henri Matisse

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“I don 't paint things. I only paint the difference between things.” – Henri Matisse

The use of line, form, and color placement on a canvas can dramatically impact the compositional setting of a painting. It will influence the way viewers interpret modern works of art. The modern abstract painting style from Wassily Kandinsky and Henri Matisse set in motion works of art that could be aesthetic without being representational. While comparing Study for Composition II and Le Bonheur de Vivre (The Joy of Life); I will argue their experimentation and exploration pioneered into an artistic vision that changed how line, form, and color appeared in modern art. They influenced several future generations of young painter’s art styles.
Kandinsky was the co-founder of Der Blaue Reiter group. Pure abstraction was evident in his modern paintings. His earliest paintings focused on representational scenes as a compositional theme.
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The nude figures are simplified and positioned throughout the canvas to give an illusion of interacting with one another as they blend into the foreground and middle ground. The background was accented with soft, vibrant colors and loose lines. The lack of tonal variation gave an effect of a flatted landscape picture plane as it clashed with colors throughout the painting. It reduced the sense of depth throughout the backdrop of the composition. James Cuno stated in the article Matisse and Agostino Carracci: A Source for the 'Bonheur de Vivre ' “Matisse 's ring of dancer motif is generic to Arcadian imagery”. (Cuno, 504) Matisse’s compositional depiction of nude figures in the landscape is very modern and anti-classical, in comparison from the classical perfection of the Golden Age and accomplished Arcadian landscape renderings from other artists like Ingres, Poussin and Agostino
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