The Modern Olympics And The Modern Olympic Games

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In 1894 the Modern Olympic Games were created in order to gain back popularity for France that was lost during the Franco-Prussian War but since then countries have found themselves slipping into the Political Olympics. In 777 B.C. the Ancient Olympics were created in order to show the athletic abilities and the evolution of humans and to encourage peace among the cities of Greece. The Modern Olympics were created in the late 1800’s in order to redeem France after their loss in the Franco-Prussian War, since that point the Games have been politically motivated. The Olympics bring increased public attention and publicity to the country hosting them. China, Germany, and Russia along with many other countries have used this to their advantage throughout the years. Political issues between countries around the time of the Olympics have an effect on the Games, despite attempts to keep the two separate. The Olympics serve as the perfect opportunity for countries to demonstrate where they stand on certain political conflicts. Since the beginning of the Modern Olympic Games the focus has been less on athletic ability and more on political disputes and gaining prestige causing countries to abuse the Olympics by hosting them only for the political advantage, turning them into a political battlefield filled with boycotts and discrimination.
In 776 BC the first ever Ancient Olympics were held. They took place on the ancient plains of Olympia in Greece. Olympia is the western part of the Peloponnese which is said to be the island of Pelops the founder of the Olympic Games. The Games were created as a dedication to the Olympian Gods and were closely linked to the religious festivals of the cult Zeus. There were two other main reasons...

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... some sort of political intention. The extent of the connection between politics and the Modern Olympics was not intended. Countries boycott particular Games in order to send a political message to the hosting country or any country attending the Games. Increased publicity on the hosting country can bring up political issues causing countries to boycott the Games. Throughout the years groups of people were kept from participating in the Games based on who was hosting the Games. Both the Ancient and the Modern Olympics were created with the intention of having some political connections, although Pierre de Coubertin could never have imagined just how much politics are involved in the Olympics today. They Olympics will continue to be infected with politics because countries have seen firsthand the political advantages that come with hosting the Olympic Games.
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