The Mobile Broadband Market

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To meet these needs, operators require extreme flexibility in their network and operations to satisfy their customers by responding with rapid time-to-market performance. In parallel, they need to see a drastic reduction in their total ‘production’ cost per bit. This has lead to the teams’ innovative development of the telco cloud. This has the potential to help operators meet all these needs. (; 2014)

By improving internal processes to gain competitive advantage, management rolled out ‘’I Own Quality’’ concept. With end to end quality in mind, there has been the reduction of the return of product deficiencies, savings on warranties and liquidated damages. This has further strengthen customers confidence in the firms products, its brand image and the competence of its employees (, n.d)

The company’s leadership team acknowledges that there should be a continuous need to critically review its resources and effectively plan on their enhancement so the firm can still maintain its market leadership. In the light of this, the company also embraces Lipman and Rumelt (1982) stand on the continuous improvement of products and processes. The firm has to be quick in responding to change with the support of its resources (Collis, 1996)

To maintain its leadership there is a unit called Academy (, n.d.) its mission is to make it easy for employees to learn, perform and share efficient and effective way of doing things also making its response to changes much quicker. As a team, employees do work continuously with the Research and Development department to discuss and improve on new technology and much better ways of doing things (, n.d)

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... leader in the telecommunication industry. Resources have to be well managed. This trigger the need for the firm to well manage its resource, make sure these are fully utilized that will lead to a high rate of growth and further gain competitive advantage.( Penrose, 1959; Rubin, 1973)

5. Conclusion

As already discussed, Nokia Solutions and Networks has gain competitive advantage through the effective and efficient utilization of its resources, capabilities and competencies. In an attempt for firms to sustain their competitive advantage, I encourage a deep analysis of firms’ internal strength and weakness and also focus on its external opportunities and threats (Lamb, 1984). This will lead to effective and efficiency in the utilization of its resources, build barriers of entry for competitors and further lead to sustained competitive advantage (Porter 1980).

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